The luxury of having 10 months to travel is to have the freedom to roam on your own time.  With that being said though, we have this fear that we might miss something if we don’t do enough research!  The goal is to find the right balance between “go with the flow” and “structured itineraries”.  Given that we have previously done a longer trip, the need to feel rested is important.

We remember being only a month and a half into our Europe trip and the feeling of exhaustion taking over.  The perfect cure was to take a couple of days off from touring and just relax and not feel the need to run out and see anything.  Seeings how that trip was only 3 months and this trip 10 months, the need for a slower pace is more important or we might find ourselves flying back early.

When we found out we were able to take some time off from our careers and go on this adventure we started to dream up all these places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do….boy, that list was long!  In order to stay true to our plan to take this trip at an easier pace, we started looking at what would be a logical route so we could be in shorts for a whole year!

After much dreaming and discussion we have put together our rough guide for our trip that allows us a good dose of flexibility to move around as we want.

September: Uruguay & Argentina

October: Argentina & Chile

November: Bolivia & Peru

December: Ecuador & Colombia

January: Colombia & Panama

February-April: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Thailand

April-May: Nepal

June: ?

20130825-004152.jpgIf you find yourself in an area we happen to be exploring, let us know and maybe we can roam around together.  Or, do you have any suggestions on things to see or places to stay in any of the countries we have listed?  If so, drop us a comment or send us an email through our contact us page!


4 responses to “Itinerary

  1. I don’t see Kamloops on the list, hmmmmm….
    Take care and have fun!
    Can’t wait to follow you onWARDs. Yeah, I just got that.

  2. Hi guys! This is all so awesome! Good for you for making this adventure happen,
    it couldn’t have been an easy task! Enjoy!!
    Miss ya xoxox

  3. Hi guys! We have just finished reading your blog and are dying to find out what happened after Nepal? By coincidence we stayed at the same hotel in Ko Jum and did the same cookery class in Chiang Mai. Your blog on the Annapurna trek has us dying to do it too!

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