OK – in our opinion here are the two most important things you need to know about MachuPicchu:

#1: It’s pronounced Ma-Choo Peek-Choo, not Ma-Choo Pee-Choo. In the indigenous Quechuan language the correct pronunciation means Old Mountain whereas the incorrect pronunciation means Old Penis. Of course the name MachuPicchu was only given after its rediscovery in 1911 – the name for this city that the Incas used remains unknown.

#2: Despite all of the incredible things you’ve heard, despite all of the pictures you’ve seen, and despite the hordes of tourists, this lost Inca city will blow you away! The quality of the ruins and the natural setting – well, it’s simply magical!

Our day at MachuPicchu started at 3:45am. Wake up early, walk to the trail head, and spend about 50 minutes on a never-ending stairmaster. All of this allowed us to enter the archeological site at 6am – hey, we must have been among the first 50 people (not bad given that MachuPicchu sees over 1000 visitors a day). We spent six and a half hours exploring this incredible place, two of which were spent in a very informative tour. There was so much to explore at MachuPicchu that our feet were absolutely aching by the end of the day. Needless to say, the bus back down at $10 a person was a steal!

Now the real story was our three day hike to get there – and this story will be featured in a future post. Stay tuned and thanks for reading and your comments!

The classic postcard picture

The classic postcard picture

Amazing Ruins

Amazing Ruins

Low cloud - mysterious...

Low cloud – mysterious…

Muy Bonita

Muy Bonita

We made it!

We made it!


5 responses to “MachuPicchu!!!

  1. Wow!! You finally made it to the place on your of attraction! Glad you and Ashley are having a good time. We miss you here in development planning, keep posting the pics and stories!

  2. Absolutely stunning, my friends. Amy just saw this picture and immediately added Old Penis…err, Old Mountain to her bucket list.

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