Ridin’ a Shoe in Bolivia

As we try to catch up on some of our blogging about our most recent destinations, we wanted to share these fun pictures from the Salar de Uyuni (aka the salt flats) in Bolivia.  This unreal landscape provides the perfect opportunity for these ridiculous photos. Getting to the salt flats was an incredible adventure that we’re looking forward to writing about soon.






9 responses to “Ridin’ a Shoe in Bolivia

    • Definitely enough salt for our lunch later that day! I appreciate the earlier comment about wanting more detail on our impressions of the culture and safety thus far – we think a wrap up of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile is deserving of a future post!

  1. Whaddup homies! Glad you’re having lots of fun. Colin and I are checkin out your blog and wishing we were on vacay too.. not that development planning isn’t a vacation every day. wink wink nudge nudge. hahaha! Have a blast! I think it was your birthday this week patrick, Happy Birthday!!!! – Colin & Ruby

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